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Your Cleaning Service will include:

  1. Soaping & Brushing top panels and side sheets of all awnings

  2. Thorough rinsing

  3. Rinsing sidewalk after service

  4. Rinsing of undersides NOTE: This will only be performed if there are no obstructions, such as grates, electronic equipment, lighting fixtures or bird repellent devices.)

  5. Squeegee of windows upon request only.

  6. A thorough inspection and report prior to cleaning and treating awnings

We will submit a detailed estimate including:

  1. Thorough rinsing of awning top and bottom.

  2. Manually scrubbing awning material with soaps recommended by the manufacturers of the materials.

  3. We only use soft bristled brushes. (no pressure washing or detergents are used as they void the warranties of most materials.)

  4. After a thorough scrub to the top sheets of the awnings a through rinse is completed on both the tops and undersides of the awning.

  5. If any windows or walkways are beneath the awnings we squeegee them off. (Any professional window cleaning should be done after our completion.)

Extra: Application of Protectant Coating

New awnings come with coating already applied. However, it does wear off over time.

Fabric manufacturers recommend re-application about every 2 years.

Why clean your awnings?

Regular awning maintenance is key to preserving your investment. A regular cleaning schedule can add years to the look and life of your awnings.

There are people that believe it is unnecessary, although most awning manufacturers require regular cleaning maintenance in their warranties. For example:

“I hosed it off with water last year. It should be good for a while.”

“It rained this past week and they look pretty clean.”

“It’s not in our budget right now.”

A simple rinse  can’t remove all the dirt and build up on your awnings caused by everyday pollution. Due to the condition of our environment, rain water can actually have an acidic affect on the fabric, trapping the dirt and grime, and eating away at the threads holding your awnings together. Replacing an awning will cost much more than what you would pay for an entire year of service with us in most cases.

Available Cleaning:

High Traffic Areas - Pollution from car exhaust is filtered through your awnings, which causes a building up on the fabric.

Residential: 2x per year or annually cleaning, unless you live near a major roadway or desert area. In that case, quarterly cleaning would be the minimum frequency recommended.

Commercial buildings: quarterly cleaning is recommended or at the very minimum, 2x annually may be sufficient to keep your awnings sparkling.

Businesses in high traffic areas or with heavy foot traffic:

no less than quarterly, but a more frequent service would be beneficial.

To keep within your awning’s warranty guidelines

refer to your awning manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures.

Popular Cleaning Schedules:

Monthly, 6 times per year, Quarterly, 2 times per year or Annually. We can create a schedule based on your needs.


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