Your Cleaning Service will include:

  • Soaping & Brushing top panels and side sheets of all awnings 
  • Florocarbon Treatments
  • Thorough rinsing  
  • Rinsing sidewalk after service 
  • Rinsing of undersides NOTE:  This will only be performed if there are no obstructions, such as  grates, electronic equipment, lighting fixtures or bird repellent  devices.) 
  • Squeegee of windows upon request only. 
  • A thorough inspection and report prior to cleaning and treating awnings

We will submit a detailed estimate including:

  • Thorough rinsing of awning top and bottom. 
  • Manually scrubbing awning material with soaps recommended by the manufacturers of the materials. 
  • We only use soft bristled brushes. (no pressure washing or detergents are used as they void the warranties of most materials.) 
  • After a thorough scrub to the top sheets of the awnings a through rinse is completed on both the tops and undersides of the awning. 
  • If any windows or walkways are beneath the awnings we squeegee them off. 

Why clean your awnings?

A regular cleaning schedule prolongs the life and improves the aesthetic value of the awning fabric.